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Sagas of Eoria!

Welcome, player.

Welcome to the world of Eoria.

Step up, lift your head, for there is a whole new realm of wonders.

Walk through the forests, with your sword on hand, ready to fight anything that comes into your way. Call your friends, and start a whole new adventure. Explore the oceans as a pirate, make a camp in the woods as a hunter, wait for the citizens to come out the city by night as a bandit! Protect your king as a knight, or become a powerful mage with practice and focus… What you will do, is, of course, up to you.

The continent known as Chunith awaits you with fun, adventures, magic, monsters, and more. Build your own home, and even your own city! Or perhaps, just settle on the town with most of the people walking about.

Our goal is giving you the roleplay experience you’ve always looked for. With more freedom of gameplay, and the best staff members, we will wait for you in the gate, with our swords raised to the sky.

What are you waiting for?

we are a minecraft medieval roleplay server.
Release Date Announced!
21st Jan · GM DeepDarkSamurai · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Greetings Colonists!

The time has come, that we release this long-awaited server! 
Over the next couple days we will be releasing whitelists, server lores, and application types to the general playerbase, along with a beta early release planned.

Keep up to date by joining our Discord Server ... M

Sharpen your blades, and ready your wits for our public opening day;

February 4th 2019!

31st Oct 2018 · Owner jacob50505 · Update · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Hello everyone.
The server is running 1.13.2
I know the place has been quite silent while waiting for spigot to update.
I am now more active on the server and community And I hope you will join me.
I hope we can get some work done and start the roleplaying soon.
Some info:
Conquest is now updated to 1.13 versions
Our addon pack is updated the current V. 1.3

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