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A Guide for Creating your Own Cultures
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21st Jan

Greetings again!

Culture is an important part of every day RP, and personally one of MY favorite ways to fully flesh out characters and give them an interesting flavor.

In this post I will describe for you all the easiest way to develop a culture for yourself and others to play. Easiest ways to get it known include posting here and on our discord!

This kind of thing is not an application, but rather a way to get your culture well known and others to play it, and write your own way into our lores! This layout can also be used for country lores, and other places of origin.

(You do NOT have to have one of these if only you or your closest buddies are supposed to play it. This is to help the general people become familiar or interested in your culture!)


Title: The name of your culture/tradition

Heading: Quickly describe your culture in a way that makes it interesting and exciting to read about. You can delve into specifics soon.

Description: Include where it originated from, why it is the way it is, and what sets it apart from others. You can include things such as how they look, photos of clothing, artwork examples, even minecraft skin examples.

Lore: A brief history of the culture, what sorts of things they eat, what religions they follow, special customs, and everything else!

Ending: Let us know anything else you want to talk about!


Yup, it is very simple, but even something simple can help everyone else out. If you have any cultures or ideas you'd like to include in the server, please post them!

Forum » Forums » Lore
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