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Server Lore for New Players!
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Welcome To Sagas of Eoria!

We are proud to boast an interesting, yet free-form lore for everyone involved! Here is the lore that should be most readily familiar with the general players.


The world is ancient, many forces were present in it's creation, and even divinely inspired by it.

Introductory Lore:

The continent known today as Verenus or the “Old World” is vast, and large, being home to many different kingdoms. A couple of the major nations there is The cruel realm of Chegard in the northern cold and harsh winterlands.
The kingdoms of Navea and Yardenfall in the west. Both fighting a bloody war known as The Green Dragon Rebellion.
Between them, countless nations and states exist and do battle to secure a foothold for their peoples. The vast different races of the world seek to stake themselves a claim on this already divided and ancient place.

Countless of stories to be told.
But our stories focus on another place far across the vast Abyssian sea to the west.
On Chunith.

Chunith was discovered in 800 AP (After Prophecy) by famed explorers Ponce De Fallione and Lord Cornelius Lanchester..
Surrounded by as of yet, uncharted waters. For some; the island contains countless possibilities others escape and salvation. For others, it is just a stepping stone to even greater adventure or fortune.

In the years to follow it's rediscovery, Chunith was colonized by the northerners of Chegard, and the vast kingdom of Navea. Both aimed to exploit the vast wealth of the island and the new colonies to support their wars and struggles back home, though the Navean Colony recently staged a successful uprising, leaving them their own independent, and of yet mostly unrecognized kingdom. Though now in this coming time, it is clear that the island's fate is yet to be sealed.


In ancient times, back before the rise of even the eternal far eastern realm of Xia, the ancient cities of elves had not been grown, and the great mountain kingdoms had not yet been excavated, the world of Eoria was vast and held a myriad of histories. They say, back before the hundred year winter, was the age of Myth. the Hyborean age Where gods still yet touched daily in the lives of mortal beings, and the great races that call this world home were new to it. Great wizard kings ruled over tribes and citystates with secrets and powers from the ancient forgotten civilizations of even older times. They say that before the great collapse of them, the world was propped up and technology and magic was more advanced than what we hold today in the modern year of 1347 AP.

And lo, it was today, thirteen hundred and forty seven years ago, that archaeologists unearthed a sphere that emitted a prophecy. That at a time of great strife, only heroes from an unlikely situation would be able to save the world from- ... And that is when the sphere's ancient mechanisms and magics wore off. Prompting nearly two hundred years of peace and stability in the world while the greatest powers searched. To no end.

Slowly we slipped back into our usual way, of war and battle and struggle. Maybe times are changing? If what those colonists say is true, there might actually be room in the world for people like me and you... It's a fun dream, no?


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