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5th Feb

I just filled out application 'Member/character'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Out of character (OOC) information = coyote5000 I'm 16 years old I'm from Peru Well, I'm very excited to be part of this server with an RP theme, it's my first time playing this on Minecraft so I really have a lot of expectations of how good it can be.
How did you find Sagas of Eoria? = Well, I got to know the server by tasty pineapple in minexplex server.
Have you ever been banned from a server? = No, I haven't.
Roleplaying = I think my character has enough skills to beat to pickpockets, because I choose the race of elves, so as my character is tall and strong, and also intelligent, with the skill of archery, he will shoot one to the leg and will fight the other one without the dagger.
Character information = His name will be Amras His gender is male He belongs to the race of the High-Elves He is 116 years old His appearance is as a common elve, with long ears, green eyes, tall and with blond hair.
Character background information = “Armas” grew up near the village of Erendale, in a humble house not too far from the capitol. He’s fairly educated and came from a good family, although he’s had a taste for getting himself in over his head as a child. His Uncle Norhan told him stories of adventures and such, which got him “curious” about seeking fame and fortune. When he was 55, he decided to explore the Blightwood Forest near his home, where he was grazed on his left cheek by a small bear. Since then he’s slowed down “a little” in his ways as part of the town militia, if there’s something exciting to do and he gets wind of it, he’ll definitely pitch in. Now in his 116, he’s a bit more respectful towards the wild, he is decided to be a good warrior with fame and lands in order to in a future be king of a kingdom. Also he has a friend called Jacob, a human who lives in Erendale and supports him and give him guidance on this new long trip, they will be communicated by the message delivered by a bird called "Huius".
Which rule do you find the most important and why? = I think it's the PVP rule of the server. Because, in order to maintain the RP theme in the server the battle between groups or just 1 on 1, have to follow protocols.
What races inhabit the world of Eoria? = Elves Humans Kobold Jaranor Dwarves Orcs Minotaur Muridae
Roleplaying = My character will knock down the first one with a knife in his hand, and immediately will kick out the club from the other man, he will knock him down, and as they are neutralized he will call the guards to make their job.
Roleplay experience = I think this is the first one.
What is your character good at? = My Character has many skills, but he has 2 main skills. 1. Archery: As an Elf, he is a very good archer since he was only 17 years old he started to train with his dad, also his uncle help him develop a higher level of archery, one day he shot 94/100. 2. Disguise: Although he is tall, he can be very silent when he proposes to, he can mix with the people or hide quickly in high places thanks to his mobility.
What is your character bad at, and what flaw does it have = My character is bad at making potions and has some problems with his endurance. Because of a fight with a human when he was 87, he has a cut in his chest.
Personal belongings = Well, he has a bow forged by his dad and a sword in case of fighting.
What does the following terms mean. = -Power gaming is playing a game for the sole sake of increasing the power and influence of the character. This usually takes the form of increasing the character's combat abilities in any way possible. However, in some forms of games with much more rigid social mechanics, someone specializing in diplomacy skills might just as easily be a power gamer. -Is the opposite of Power gaming, is any approach to a game that break the rules, it's main objective is to play outside of the prescribed rules of the game, you can use external factors to affect the game or goes beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game. -Is the change of one behaviour's to adapt to a new social role or character in a fictional setting.
what's your name on discord? = GodintheHeaven
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