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26th Jan

I just filled out application 'Member/character'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Out of character (OOC) information = alenn98 18 years old the Czech republic Im good player with good behavior. There are no problems with me. I have tons of experiences.
How did you find Sagas of Eoria? = I found information about your server on the Internet when i was looking for family-like RP server.
Have you ever been banned from a server? = I´ve been banned once when i told one young server owner that his admin team needs better people because his friends in admin positions were abusing their power.
Roleplaying = I don't like injustice so I'd yell at them and i would wait for what happens after. But i would be ready to protect myself if they attack me.
Character information = Name: Asgrim Erikson Gender: Male Race: Human Age: 26 Appearance: Einar has a visible scar that stretches from his forehead to his eye. He did not lost his eye only by luck. On the right side of his face he has another visible scar from the fight. On both the right and the left side of the head he has tattoos that have a family and religious significance. Einar is 6´3 tall with mesomorph body type. He wears the armor of his father, and he dress in a fur cloak for social events.
Character background information = Asgrim is the son of a former fighter, Einar Erikson and daughter of poor fisherman Emma Damsgaard. He was born in the north and was raised by his father and mother since his childhood. He has not been like other children since childhood. He had a great talent for anything he did, and was much taller than other children. When he was 15 years old he could fight well, thanks to his father. His mother raised a decent young man with good behavior from him. When Einar was 17 years old he often traveled to nearby ruins. He was there over the winter so he did not know what was going on at home. When he returned he found that his mother had died of a malignant illness and he could not forgive the fact that he was not with her. His father was the most sad of all, and he gave him his mother's necklace to never forget her. As if it was not enough a year later, the assailants attacked the village and killed his father. Later on Asgrim has experienced many years of travelling and adventuring.
Which rule do you find the most important and why? = No power/metagaming. Its just not fair when some people want to abuse rules and be somethink more than others.
What races inhabit the world of Eoria? = Humans, Kobolds, Muridaes, Elves, Dwares, Orcs, Jaranors and Minotaurs.
Roleplaying = Because my character is a skilled warrior I pull my sword from my scabbar and i kick a medium sized man in his chest to get space for bouncing attack from tall skinny man.
Roleplay experience = I play minecraft for good 8 years and i enjoy and fully play RP for 5 years. I also owned Czech medieval RP server for 3 years but then we had to close it because we havent got any time to play.
What is your character good at? = He's physically persistent, he can fight very well. He is decent strategist and good "leader". He has enormous experience from wilderness. He is dutiful, loyal and faithful.
What is your character bad at, and what flaw does it have = My chracter is vengeful, aggresive and eager. He was never good normal people jobs like farming, building etc, he is warrior in his heart.
Personal belongings = Father´s armor Father's longsword, it is a family heritage His mother's wolf's necklace ( custom family relic ) - ( It has no powers ) Keya's rings ( remembrance of his love )
What does the following terms mean. = Power-gaming: forcing your emotes on your roleplay partners. You must always give other players time to react, also your character is not "god" so you may be scared etc. Meta-gaming: using knowledge that you have gained through out of character means, in character. Role-playing: Role-play is awesome thing. You controll your game character and you RP with other people. Its like having own world in your head, your character is going throught decisions that you make and he can also die.
what's your name on discord? = Faeldir #1979
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