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Jacob11801 - Member/character
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4th Feb

I just filled out application 'Member/character'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Out of character (OOC) information = Jacob11801 18 U.S
How did you find Sagas of Eoria? = PMC
Have you ever been banned from a server? = Yup, Twice once my account got hacked and they were flying and pvping people and another about five years ago banned for x-raying.
Roleplaying = It does not appear to be my problem, Why help him? What do I get out of it? I think it is best to mind my own business and let him handle it.
Character information = Name: Abir Bahjin Gender: Male Race: Human Age: 20 Appearance: He is about a medium darkness in complexion and can be found wearing a greyish hood that covers his entire head except for his face. You can see his mud brown eyes and his thick black beard.
Character background information = He grew up in a desert village to the south, He grew up amongst the cutthroats, Do what you must to survive he learned fast and hard. He was beaten up and stole from many times until he took up the blade to defend himself. He roams a freelance mercenary, unknown to most he has a fierce desire to be loyal to one person or cause, should the coin be right, He would not think to betray you.
Which rule do you find the most important and why? = No metagaming because if you are planning something and someone accidently leaks it OOC and they completely avoid an ambush or some such it is really lame.
What races inhabit the world of Eoria? = Humans Muradae Minotaur Kobold Dwarves Elves Orcs Jaranor
Roleplaying = Sighs, Fine I am not a fool, He would drop the coin purse and make note of his face, his blue eyes, the straggly brown beard with the pale white face similar to a dead man. He would allow then observe the bigger man, his lithe frame his green eyes and his long brown hair, It was seared into Abir's brain. As they were about to turn away Abir would pull the large one back and to the ground. The other would come at him with the knife where Abir would parry and throw sand in the mans face, As the club would swing at him he would step and slash the mans side elbowing him down and going for the other man's throat, Warn the other beggars and thieves that Abir Bahjin is not to be robbed or he will kill you he would push the medium man back with his dagger now in Abir's hand which he would plunge into the back of the tall ones neck as the medium one watched the blood drain from his body Abir took his purse back and walked away.
Roleplay experience = I have played on RPGuilds, Land of Ezarion and quite a few others.
What is your character good at? = He duel wields khopesh swords that he is extremely quick with. He can shoot a bow very well as well.
What is your character bad at, and what flaw does it have = He is not good when dealing with stupid people. His strong arm is his right, He can do damage with the Khopesh in his left hand but he will never be able to deal a killing blow with it because he doesn't have the force to.
Personal belongings = Two khopesh blades, a hunting bow and the clothes on his back (The skin).
What does the following terms mean. = Powergaming - not allowing someone a chance to make a move Ex. I cut johns head off and sheath my sword with the deed done. Meta-gaming - Using OOC Info IC. Roleplaying - Making a character and assuming their personality and traits
what's your name on discord? = TheJacob
Forum » Forums » Applications
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