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MajorOfTrust - Member/character
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2nd Feb

I just filled out application 'Member/character'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Out of character (OOC) information = TrustMajor101 20 USA N/A
How did you find Sagas of Eoria? = Minecraft Fourms
Have you ever been banned from a server? = Simplicity - Arguing with staff members Lord of The Craft - Toxic behavior, spreading rumors, arguing with staff.
Roleplaying = She would ignore the situation, as she wasn't apart of it and it didn't effect her directly.
Character information = Amber Lighthoof Female Jaranor 20 Grey skin, black hair, and red slanted eyes. Wearing a simple farmer outfit.
Character background information = She was raised in a town with her older brother and parents, mostly growing up to do farming chores. Her parents where yeomen. She started dealing with potions when she was kidnapped at a young age, and forced to make terrible, and sometimes hilarious drinks by her kidnappers. After she escaped, she lied about her whereabouts and changed her name, fleeing from her captors.
Which rule do you find the most important and why? = Metagaming, because metagaming ruins the fun of the game.
What races inhabit the world of Eoria? = Humans, Muridae, Minotaur, Kobold, Jaranor, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs.
Roleplaying = Recognizing the men from earlier, as they had robbed another victim before her, she reluctantly handed over her coins. Not being armed with anything also didn't help.
Roleplay experience = I've mostly played on MC servers, but I've also done DnD, Pathfinder, and CoC.
What is your character good at? = My character is a farmer, loves singing, and likes to deal with different potions.
What is your character bad at, and what flaw does it have = She cannot fight that well, and is slowly learning how to fight. She is also afraid of the dark.
Personal belongings = Farming sickle.
What does the following terms mean. = Abusing emotes or the game to become God-like. Using OOC info to benefit yourself in-game. Acting on a stage as another character.
what's your name on discord? = TrustInMe#1321
Forum » Forums » Applications
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