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Yossepy - Member/character
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15th Feb

I just filled out application 'Member/character'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Out of character (OOC) information = josephLi21 18 United states
How did you find Sagas of Eoria? =
Have you ever been banned from a server? = nope
Roleplaying = I would sneak up to the pickpockets, and knock their heads together. Then I would take the knife and leave the scene.
Character information = Yossepy Human 22 I got green eyes. Semi long brown some what curly hair. Large build. short beard. kinda tall
Character background information = I'm a jack of all trades, but a master of none, Adventure and treasure guide me.
Which rule do you find the most important and why? = Metagaming. me and my friends meta game all the time when we play dnd and it gets bad sometimes.
What races inhabit the world of Eoria? = Human orcs elves dwarves kobold Minotaur Jaranor Muridae
Roleplaying = Grab the club while kicking the tall skinny guy. He drops the club then I swing the club and hit the guy with the knife. both men have been defeated and I leave.
Roleplay experience = I play dnd with my friends but we don't take are role playing to seriously because we are just looking to have fun.
What is your character good at? = Carpentry, Blacksmithing, Farmimg, and survival skills.
What is your character bad at, and what flaw does it have = reading isn't my strong suit.
Personal belongings = Small hunting knife. Small hatchet. Hammer
What does the following terms mean. = power gaming is not matter what you are good at it Meta gaming is knowing or doing things your character wouldn't role playing is playing as a role or character
what's your name on discord? = I don't have a discord
Forum » Forums » Applications
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