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Card and chat usage


To access you card type /card
To fill you card simply click the category you wish to edit.
and type the info in or click the option that appears in chat.
To view another players card Crouch and right-click them.


There are to types of chatting on the server OOC chat (out of Character) and RP chat (roleplay).
You can switch between them by typing /ooc to go to type in the global OOC chat
And /rp to type in the limited range roleplay chat.
To hide chatting in OOC You can type /toggleooc, and the same command will turn it back on.
You can also do /whisper [message] if Your character wish to talk silently. 
Likewise You can /shout [message] If Your character wish to be heard by more people or people further away.

Roleplay chat
Emotes: To do show that your character are doing a thing you can do a * in chat followed by the action. You can also mix this with chatting by adding quotation marks like so:
*Looks at the sky "Looks like rain!"
that would result in:
[Your character name] Looks at the sky and says "Looks like rain!"

You can also make an OOC message RP chat which will sometimes be necessary. 
You do this by putting (( before your OOC message. This will turn the message grey so that the other players knows that this is OOC.

if You got a piece of paper you can send a message by "bird" to another player over a long distance.
Simply type /bird [player username] [message]
This should be Roleplayed if anybody is around.
Also not everyone would have access to carrierbirds!

Rolls and Countdown
You can roll a "dice" to get a random number. This can be used with gambling and games or as a way to make a twist on how something would go (Only use this in fights if it fits the situation and all players accept it)
simply do /roll [max number]

If you need a countdown you can do /countdown [number]

all players in the vicinity will be able to see both rolls and countdowns.

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