The world is ancient, many forces were present in it's creation, and even divinely inspired by it.
Introduction Lore:

The continent known today as Verenus or the “Old World” is vast, and large, being home to many different kingdoms. A couple of the major nations there is The cruel realm of Chegard in the northern cold and harsh winterlands.
The kingdoms of Navea and Yardenfall in the west. Both fighting a bloody war known as The Green Dragon Rebellion.
Between them, countless nations and states exist and do battle to secure a foothold for their peoples. The vast different races of the world seek to stake themselves a claim on this already divided and ancient place.

Countless of stories to be told.
But our stories focus on another place far across the vast Abyssian sea to the west.
On Chunith.

Chunith was discovered in 800 AP (After Prophecy) by famed explorers Ponce De Fallione and Lord Cornelius Lanchester..
Surrounded by as of yet, uncharted waters. For some; the island contains countless possibilities others escape and salvation. For others, it is just a stepping stone to even greater adventure or fortune.

In the years to follow it's rediscovery, Chunith was colonized by the northerners of Chegard, and the vast kingdom of Navea. Both aimed to exploit the vast wealth of the island and the new colonies to support their wars and struggles back home, though the Navean Colony recently staged a successful uprising, leaving them their own independent, and of yet mostly unrecognized kingdom. Though now in this coming time, it is clear that the island's fate is yet to be sealed. 


In ancient times, back before the rise of even the eternal far eastern realm of Xia, the ancient cities of elves had not been grown, and the great mountain kingdoms had not yet been excavated, the world of Eoria was vast and held a myriad of histories. They say, back before the hundred year winter, was the age of Myth. the Hyborean age Where gods still yet touched daily in the lives of mortal beings, and the great races that call this world home were new to it. Great wizard kings ruled over tribes and citystates with secrets and powers from the ancient forgotten civilizations of even older times. They say that before the great collapse of them, the world was propped up and technology and magic was more advanced than what we hold today in the modern year of 1347 AP. 

And lo, it was today, thirteen hundred and forty seven years ago, that archaeologists unearthed a sphere that emitted a prophecy. That at a time of great strife, only heroes from an unlikely situation would be able to save the world from- ... And that is when the sphere's ancient mechanisms and magics wore off. Prompting nearly two hundred years of peace and stability in the world while the greatest powers searched. To no end.

Slowly we slipped back into our usual way, of war and battle and struggle. Maybe times are changing? If what those colonists say is true, there might actually be room in the world for people like me and you... It's a fun dream, no?



The Time Before Time

This represents the barest timeline before time truly started or was being recorded. The finer details of which are taught differently based on what religion is telling it.
The Void: The time when existence had yet begun and the titans battled the dark elder gods for infinities.

The Siege of The World Tree: Though much happened between the sprouting and the siege, it is seen as a time where many of the gods and godlings died or were forged anew.Sprouting of World Tree: Seen as the event that brought change to the universe, it provided protection for the fledgeling realities.

Coming of Gods: This is the time when the gods truly took part in the realms of creation that existed protected in the branches of the world tree. Creating beings and guiding them.Creation of Our Mortal Plane: It is this time when the dimension we call ours was formed. Bare and fertile, she took to life easily.

Far in the distant histories of our world, the realm was host to vast swathes of time where things happened, civilizations rose and fell, and with them the vast majority of history as well. It is divided into four periods. Prehistory, The Fall of Civilizations, The Hyborian Age, The ComingFounding of Xia: Deep in the far east, the land of Xia was one of the first to be inhabited by civilizations of mortal beings guided by gods. This marks the start of recorded time.

The Time of Myth

Prehistory: This is the time of history where the land was new and ancient at the same time. Enormous beasts ruled this land as it was host to only animals and monsters. Fey beings ruled enormous swathes of primordial forests and glaciers, Native Mortal races were in their primal states by now. They worked wood, bones, and stones into tools to protect themselves from the dangers of their new world. Development was slow, but once it got moving, it kept rolling faster. It is this time that the first druid circles began.
The Fall of Civilizations: By now, the native mortal races had already worked greatly their advancements and civilizations. Already since the dawn of time; Great advanced civilizations rose and fell when gods still had a heavy hand in the affairs of mortals. These were the times where they say that there were forgotten civilizations much more advanced than we are now. Thanks to secrets given to them by the gods when they were still testing the capabilities of mortals. Soon however, either due to the gods feeling spiteful or invasions of barbarians, or any number of struggles, the great prehistoric civilizations fell, and many of their wondrous advancements and technologies were lost to time.

The Hyborian: Still recovering from the fall of the greatest civilizations, the native mortal races were thrust into a time of great challenge and hardship between themselves. This is a time where in the wake of the fall of the greatest civilizations, the survivors banded into newer, much harsher times. An age of sword and sorcery where wizardkings ruled using advanced magic and power from the fallen civilizations. Many mortals knew their strength in numbers, and they joined together to form tribes and groups to brave this time the best they could. Even now they battled the remnants of the prehistoric beasts, and lusted after the rare artifacts and steel left behind by the fallen civilizations. Truly, this age extended even past The Coming. It is during this time that the realm of Xia is founded.

The Coming: Near the center of the Hyborian age, the races of other worlds began to enter the world. Be that through any form, these newly placed races carved themselves niches to fill. The dwarves battled barbarians and giants and enormous beasts to carve themselves a place in the mountains, the Muridae sought safety in the fallen works of man, and in numbers. Growing to vast swarms that called the darkness in the wake of humans and others their homes. The elves arrived, already ancient and well learned from their time in their own world. They found stretches of this world that resembled their home, and kept things from their past going as normal as they could. The Kobolds arrived and quickly, they sought to compete with the dwarves. Delving into the ancient ruins of lost civilizations, a few kobold tribes achieved great advancements, reengineering the lost technologies and magics of the past. The vast majority of them, however, continued their existence as primitive tribal clans.

The Orcs and Minotaurs arrived with a storm. They brought with them, the threat of madness and doom from the void. If it were not for the first orcs who came to warn the natives of this world, the army would have swiftly overrun them all. With the combined forces of many of these ancient civilizations and races, the army was stopped, and the orcs scattered to form many different tribes. The Minotaurs did the same, but many had chosen to join the realm of Men and Fey.

Ancient History

800 AP: Discovery of Chunith by famed explorers, Ponce De Fallione and Lord Cornelius Lanchester.This is described as the time after The Coming, and after the end of the Hyborian age. Marked by a meteor bombardment that left the world in the Hundred Year Winter, where the sun breached the sky only once, ten years into it, then never again for another 9 decades. The survivors of which, went on to become the ancient civilizations more widely known. It is in the thousand years or so after the long winter that the last druid died, calling an end to their mysterious order.

Modern History-Search for Saviors

Considered the point in history when a piece of ancient lore from a far forgotten civilization declared that the world will need to be rescued by chosen people. The device that described the prophecy stopped working mid-way through. All of the civilizations in the land declared together a search for these ‘saviors’. All history before this event is known as BP. Before Prophecy.

5600 BP: The End of The Hyborean Age, marked by the Meteor Bombardment and 100 year winter. 

3200 BP: Empire of Eshmia Arose as a child state of Xia. The Start of the Twin Dynasties

0 AP: An archaeologist discovers an ancient prophecy describing the end of the world. 

1-278 AP: A period of peace, when most nations focus on searching for the people described in the prophecy

280 AP: Some national leaders decide the prophecy is ill translated, and that they would be better off focusing on matters of the world, and not fantasies of a forgotten time. War is declared to secure territory.

800 AP: Discovery of Chunith by famed explorers, Ponce De Fallione and Lord Cornelius Lanchester.

1207 AP: Founding of Erendale 

1223 AP: Chunith is Colonized by Chegard

1305 AP: The green dragon rebellion started in Navea

1310 AP: Erendale’s Independence is Won

1347 AP: Current Year