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Children of the Odnir

type: kathenotheism

Nature of the Divine:

In a kathenotheistic religion, practitioners believe in and worship many gods, but only one at a time. In this case, they worship a different god each year.

Clergy and places of worship:

The religion is run by clergywomen called Erivets.

The Children of the Odnir go to certain grottos to worship the god of the year.

The ceremonies takes place at night and people walks to the place of worship often as a group bearing torches. When in the grotto the light candles or lanterns, And burn incense.They also bring sacrifices to the god which they give to the Erivet. The sacrifices will consist of food and money. The food goes to the god the money goes to the Erivet. Then they will all sit down, and listen to the Erivet tell stories.

After the stories are over they will one by one go to the Erivet and place their head in her hands and receive the blessing of the current god of worship.

after the blessing the people will head home. And the Erivet will burn the food to give it to the god.


Tybella Odnir The allmother - goddess of Life

Uddis Odnir The allfather - god of Destiny

Ketuna Odnir The first daughter - goddess of The afterlife

Adros Odnir The first son - God of The sky

Sesion Odnir The second son - God of the Seasons

Avnera Odnir the second daughter - Goddess of Dreams

Cylar Odnir The third son - God of Nature


Through the ages there has been many oracles. A person can only be considered a oracle after their death. every oracle is connected to one or more strength.

A complete list of Oracles is impossible to make since it’s up to each Erivet to decide if a person is a Oracle. and there’s no global system of all oracles. each area of the world got their own oracles.

History of the religion

Place of origin:

The children of the odnir origins in the cold and harsh north of Verenus. whether it’s in Chegard or Edria is unknown.

Origin/creation story:

At first there was nothing. Only void. No ground, No sky, no life. not even sound existed.
From the nothing a entity emerged. It was long with scales and had hundred legs.
Each leg had three sharp long claws on it. Sharper than anything ever to exist ever since.. On its head two sets of orange fiery eyes glared into the darkness. it’s mouth had three rows of pointy sharp teeth. sharper than the sharpest of daggers.
The entity started drinking of the void and began to grow.
It grew and grew. and kept drinking. 
And with every sip it grew thirstier.

Then there was a flash of green and then a flash of purple. The first colors in existence.
At the flash of green Tybella Odnir appeared.
At the flash of purple Uddis Odnir appeared.
They saw the creature and named it The Tryworn.
The Tryworn turned towards the Odnir and snarled.
The first sound in existence was this snarl.
Then it lunged towards the Odnir, that in that moment realized that there was no coexisting with the Tryworn.

It was a long and fierce battle that lasted for aeons.
At the end Uddis Odnir forced a claw from one of the front legs up towards the Tryworns throat.
The tryworn slashed at uddis face just before Uddis pierced The tryworns throat killing the beast. 
But the battle costed him his eyes And left a scar across his right cheek.
Uddis took the claw that pierced the Tryworns skin and made a spear from it.
Tybella took one of the eyes from the Tryworns head.
Then the Tryworn disintegrated.

Together Tybella and Uddis got 5 children while creating the world:

Ketuna Odnir The first daughter - goddess of The afterlife
Ketuna was the first born daughter and the first of the Odnir children.
she was granted the spear made by her father from the claw that killed the Tryworn.
with that she could chase the void away and guide the dead into the next life.

Adros Odnir The first son - God of The sky
Adros was the first born son and the second of the Odnir children.
He was granted the eye of the Tryworn. With that he could control the sky and the sun making sure that the sun comes up again.

Sesion Odnir The second son - God of the Seasons
Sesion was the second son born to Tybella and Uddis and the third of the Odnir children.
He was giving the power and responsibility to control the seasons changing.

Avnera Odnir the second daughter - Goddess of Dreams
Avnera was the second daughter born. and the fourth of the Odnir children.
She was given a the realm of dreaming named Asos.
When sleeping you enter her realm. and when you wake you exit her realm.
Dreams, nightmares, inspiration. they all originate from the dream realm Asos.
Even when you daydream, part of you pass into Asos.
Sometimes Avnera and Uddis work together to through dreams make you fulfill your Destiny. Therefor dream can be important.

Cylar Odnir The third son - God of Nature
Cylar was the third son. and the fifth of the Odnir children.
He was given the power over nature.
When a leaf grow on a bush, or when it drops a leaf, when the flowers blossom in the spring or lay dormant under the snow in the winter. It’s all Cylars doing.
His priests dress in brightly colored robes of clashing and vibrant shades. They preach togetherness with other humans and seek to the world and their place in it.

The coming of the humanoids
After all this was done. Tybella inhabited the world with animals of all sorts.
From the smallest insect to the biggest whale.
But the world was missing something.
There was no intelligent life. Nobody to see what the gods did create.
The gods took a bit of their spirit essence and created the different races to enjoy this new world.

The Old Rhoastic Faith

The earth had always been. It was the core, the heart of the universe. The world had always been ruled by two great powers- Rae, the North Wind, and Rok’naw, the South Wind. Rok’naw was the god of heat- the sun, fire, and summer. Rae was the goddess of cold- the moon, ice, and winter. The people of Rhoa worshipped Rok’naw for all he had provided them. They build great temples in his honor. However, one day, Rae and Rok’naw were battling over the autumn seasons. Rae was more clever, but Rok’naw was stronger. Rae could not defeat Rok’naw herself, so instead she split Him apart. The following explosion rocked the world, causing the desert to be split. Rok’naw was now two gods: Rok, the god of earth, and Naw, the god of fire. They saw what their homeland had become, and pushed the split land back together. Where a great desert had once stood, now there was a large mountain, for the rock underneath had funneled upward. The people of Rhoa were torn, and split into two nations. Rok was infuriated that some of the Rhoans had split off and worshipped Naw, and in his fury he struck out, kicking up a wild sandstorm to destroy Rok’s followers. Rok, seeing this sandstorm, lashed out, sending up a wildfire to destroy Naw’s followers. Now, both villages have been destroyed, and new civilizations are beginning anew.

The Gods of The Old Wood

Ancient primal powers ruled in the time before man, when the creator forces first blew their essence over the bare, naked reality. From the lifeless soil sprung the first inkling of this new form of creation. A seed of some unknown force had been planted, and begun to grow. It’s form slowly taking shape as it grew alongside all of the rest of this newly formed wake of being. It’s roots spreading through all of the primal anchors it could, it’s branches providing shelter for fledgling realities to be protected from the harsh primal forces and the old ones that swarmed in the darkness of the times before time.

In the early ages before time truly began, these realities would be snatched up from the branches by unknown entities, like snakes stealing eggs from their nest. beings that formed in the shadows of this tree began to nibble on it’s roots in jealousy, greedily, with ever growing hunger.

Sensing the danger to their reality, beings from one of the branches rose to help their protector. However, the forces from the darkness beyond this mother tree, tempered by the ever blowing chaos and discord of the void surrounding proved too powerful for these beings. Instead, they wandered between the branches into other realities, in search of power or a way to save their home, as should the world tree fall, it’s roots give out, all of these worlds and all of their potential would crumble. Easy pickings for the horrors in the dark.

So they split up. As each being travelled, those that were not picked from the tree by monsters of impossible description, like insects by a bird, instead found a source of power to protect the tree. Rising to be the gods of the natural forces, protectors of the world tree, the keeper of life.

The oldest and most powerful of these protector spirits are known by many names throughout the cosmology, in our world they are known as;

The Green Father ; The Horned God, The Master of The Hunt, Orion, who’s arrows pierced the toughest hides of the horrors beyond the beyond. His skills in the ways of the hunt were passed to all beings that live in search of others, or in fear of those larger. The creatures he met inspired the predators and prey of the natural worlds of the realities protected by the world tree. From the skills he learned witnessing the primal essence chase after itself, he molded his creations, to help in the fight against the growing hunger of the void beyond.

The Tree Mother and giver of life, Gaea, Artemis. She helped to mold the fledgling realities forming within the embrace of the great tree. She helped guide the birth of new plants and trees within these smaller natural world. Modeling them after the great force of the tree of life. Her power within the worlds the gods touched would help and protect the creatures that now inhabited them. To help them nurse new life under the protection that the world tree offered to them in their earliest of days.

Maera , the goddess of decay, Hera, who came from the beyond seeking to preserve the mortal life that would spring from the God’s interference. She is the guide between the mortal plane and those surrounding, the celestial plane, and allows mortals to cross between the two after death. She is also the goddess of reincarnation, and allows some mortals to become spirits after they have died. She is seen as the only way to pass between planes, and she alone holds the power to traverse them. She is the force of decay and erosion, and brings all things into her realm. She brings those that have fallen and died new life. When a tree falls, it is her hand that guides it to crumble and become good soil. When a fire rages, it is her hand that causes acorns to split and forests to grow anew. When the waves crash against the cliff sides, it is her hand that causes the rock to shatter and become sand. She is the goddess of new beginnings, because she was not always a goddess of the old woods. She was once a being in the dark. A monster of the void who’s was to eat and devour all the light and growth in existence, to stunt it from ever becoming anything. Turned to protect the growth as the one who turned from darkness, yet dwells in it.

With the help of these newly formed gods and spirits of the natural worlds within the embrace of the world tree, it’s growth was no longer halted by the constant devouring force of the beings of darkness beyond the beyond. It’s roots grew deep, it’s bark thick and impenetrable, and it’s branches grew taller and wider, and further apart. Pulling these worlds that were once close, into distances that even the gods and their allies had difficulty traversing. So, under their supervision, the natural worlds within the great tree began to grow and flourish, populated by the beings designed by the first of the spirits.

The First World

The first world, said to be the home of the original spirits that left in defense of the great tree. When their work was finished, the gods and their servant spirits returned to find a world full of chaos, however, unlike the discord from beyond the branches of the world tree, this chaos was easy to tame, they formed creatures directly from the chaotic essence of this reality, beings of spirit, joy, and emotion that would go with the flow just as easy as the ever shifting reality of this first world would. These creatures were known as the Fey.

The Fae first world is by nature, one of chaos. The gods created them as their descendants to reality, and wished to use them to help populate the other worlds of the great tree. Created to be immortal, just as the gods and spirits were, their lives dictated by whatever aspect of nature they were formed in and represented. The Fair Folk would then live by the way of their chaotic origins in any form they could, across all worlds they eventually came to live upon. Being brought to them when the gods first began to help guide these new realities further.

The elves and the gnomes were species of Fae sent to the land of Eoria to help protect against the orcs. They were sent at the same time as the Orcs.

The Mortal Plane

The Mortal plane is where the mortal beings we know originate from. First, the Tree Mother created bodies for the new creations. She formed them after creations that had already been established. Then, the Guide of Realities bestowed upon the new races the ability to rationalise, and make conscious decisions. Finally, the Green Father blessed the races with spirit and emotion. While most people believe that the races were created on the planet they now reside on, they were created on three separate planes and then brought together.

The races lived happily on this plane until one day. The shady creatures struck at this plane, sensing that none of the gods were around. The plane was destroyed, but Maera noticed and opened a portal to the world of Shadarak, another of the god’s domains.

The Plane of Shadarak

The Plane of Shadarak is the world of the Kobolds, Dwarves and Jaranor. While having a thin atmosphere, the planet has a enormous caverns and deep caves. The Jaranor lived on the surface, being alone for essentially their entire existance. They traded with the dwarves only for metals, and generally had very little contact with the kobolds and kept to themselves. Being designed to live in a thin atmosphere, the Jaranor now live high in the mountains, where the air is thinner and easier for them to breathe. The Dwarves and Kobolds had feuded since the beginning, hating each other for invading territory and stealing minerals. The Kobolds wanted to collect hordes, and the Dwarves wanted the gold for great statues and buildings. They never got along.

These races lived in relative balance until one day, when those of the first plane arrived in a portal. The dark spirits followed the other races, and struck out at this plane, destroying it, too. The Gods opened yet another portal, to the land of Eoria, and banished the dark spirits to a different plane, the land of Og’nok.

The Plane of Og’nok

The plane of Og’nok was the God’s third plane, and was inhabited by the orcs. It was a desolate place, with little vegetation and barely any game. The gods knew that the Orcs were a very powerful race, with magic, and would be able to handle the dark spirits. However, rather than destroying the dark spirits, the Orcs made an alliance with them, wanting to overthrow the Gods because of the barren world they have received. The God’s saw their mistake and sent the Orcs trying to the plane of Eoria, trying to save them from the dark spirits, but it was too late. The spirits had corrupted the Orcs, and it is unknown whether or not the evil phantoms came to the land of Eoria when the Orcs were sent there.

The plane of Eoria

The plane of Eoria was the fourth plane fostered by the God’s, and was the land of the Humans. This plane was a land of change, and soon after its creation, a portal opened, sending a jumble of races onto the earth: Minotaur, Muridae, Kobolds, Dwarves, and Jaranor. The races split off, Minotaur coming to live with the humans, Muridae being shunned by the races and going off the the lands of Rhoa, the Kobolds founding their own villages, the Dwarves descending underground, and the Jaranor rising into the mountains, where they could breathe easier and feel more at home.

After a few centuries of relative peace, two portals opened in the sky. One turned the sky black around it, like the cloudiest of midnights, and the other turned the sky white, like the brightest of suns. The portals brought another three races to the land of Eoria: The Gnomes, the Elves, and the Orcs. Now, there are nine separate races in the lands of Eoria.

The Druids

Those of the mortal races who choose to follow the original faiths of the old gods of the woods are known as the Druids. Holy men and women who devote themselves to the cause of nature and regrowth. Seeing the advancement of civilization as often a step in the wrong direction, these druids are parts of ancient circles who share with each other secrets of nature that others of their ilk have forsaken or forgotten.

They keep the old ways of nature alive, and listen to the hidden songs of reality. These holy people, blessed by the aspects of nature worship by devoting themselves to spreading the natural life of the world, and destroying signs of taint should they show themselves. Oftentimes isolating themselves deep within the woods or places of deep connection to the aspects of nature to focus on their worship.

Now, a mostly forgotten faith, the remnants of their circles and groves are found all across the realms.

The Following of The Divine

Stories tell of a time before, when not even darkness existed. In this void sprung forth the essence of realities. The essence, constantly bombarded by a force that was already there, instinctively sought to defend itself from this chaos where it now exists. The mightiest essences swirled together, eventually coalescing into forms aware of their existence. They looked to protect themselves from the creatures of the void, seeking shelter wherever possible. It was then, that these essences found the titans. Powerful beings that fought their way through the darkness, forming their own domains of light within the void. Places where they now ruled.

The titans took pity on these essences, and taught to them the secrets of the universe that they themselves knew. With these secrets, the essences became divine in their own right. They banded together to claim their own stretch of the universe from this seemingly endless tide of darkness. They battled back impossible beings of the void to protect themselves. Such battle came easy to these divines as they erupted from the chaos, but were not part of it. As their powers grew, the oldest of the divines, Arun, formed from his own essence, a sword of light, which cut through the darkness, anathema to these beings, and through his efforts he was able to secure a foothold for his divine following.

His followers weaved together the wispy essences that existed in this empty space, clear of chaos that would otherwise consume it, and created a domain of light for them to exist, these gods and their divine spirits then began to carefully divide the spaces carved free of the darkness by Arun, and marked it as their own portion of the realm of Heaven, with Arun at the throne.

His sister, Meness, second to Arun by age, grew restless within her own realm of Heaven. She worked for long ages, seeking and pondering the secrets that the titans gave to them. These powers of realities she kept discovering continued to make her marvel at what truly existence was. Through her creations she saw worlds of life and light, with creatures of matter instead of divinity, other gods, much like them, working to protect these beings and their homes.

After approaching the other divines and holy beings with her discovery, they saw more to reality than their existence, which had grown simple under the safety provided by Arun and his sunlight blade.

They became eager to assist the wild gods in their defense.

A great war was fought and the chaos was repelled once again. Through their work, the divine gods were granted their own domains over the realms of these many realities that dotted the world tree. The Wild Gods were happy in their place as protectors and guides.

Arun, The Sun , god of healing, justice, light, and strength, is a symbol of order. He follows the same path each day, bringing balance with him. He is usually bright and cheery, but can be unforgiving toward outsiders who do not know his ways. He has a huge domain, and therefore is the most powerful god. His path brings forth bountiful harvests and long life.

Rivagath, The Sea , god of trickery and change, is a symbol of chaos. He is every-changing, and is often misrepresented. He is not evil, but simply chaotic. His domain is one of the largest, and therefore he is one of the most powerful gods. Rivagath can show clear pictures on a calm day, but can throw misfortune and lies on a rough day. He changes between his forms constantly, and is always a wild card.

Meness, The Moon, goddess of magic, is the symbol of wisdom. It is said that she knows many secrets, but has not confided in any mortal. These secrets lead to the changes in her facets. The edge of darkness always skirting around, as though she lives in it’s understanding. Not much is known about her, but she follows the world on a track like Arun, her brother.

Fjorn, The Land , god of the earth and fire, is the symbol of seclusion. He is the lord of the underground, and is the creator of the forge. He sparked fire, and the races stole it from his great furnace. He is the god of the dwarves.

Twiqué, the Scavenger (minor) , goddess of the hoard, is the symbol of desperation and gathering. She is the goddess of robbery, and gold. She is the goddess of the Kobolds.

Rhovesus, the Warlord (minor) , god of war, is the symbol of battle. Never seen without his armor and iconic bull’s-horn helmet, he is always ready for battle. He is the god of the Minotaurs.

The Divine’s First Creations

As the divine gods found their place in the new realms of reality, they ruled from their places in Heaven. From there they sought to create, just as the wild gods had done. Gathering their powers, the gods had formed the first beings of these new worlds, even before the wild gods had begun to let their wildlife into them. These creatures were of great power and might, known as Dragons. The dragons were created by each of the gods who took part. Their many different varieties due to the fact that they each had a specific divine that took the reins in their creation. However, the gods were not easily impressed, even by their mighty beasts. Meness, the goddess of wisdom decided they should also be her students. Granting them an intelligence and mighty wisdom, rivaled only by their great force of personality. Their eagerness to learn more of their universe, and their mystical divine origin had given them their first way of communication. It is through this language that the dragons learned to harness the magic of the universe in a way only the goddess of the moon cared enough to understand.

The Following

The divines saw that the wild gods brought forth their own creations, and saw a little bit of themselves in them. Already intelligent, and already emotional, the gods only needed to gather their interest.

Through great deeds and miracles, the divines begane to obtain these mortal being’s faith. Just as the love the dragons had for them empowered their divine forces, the mortal being’s worship had begun to give them strength as well.

It is through this worship, that the gods began to unlock their true powers of divinity. The daily lives of the mortals soon began to revolve around prayer and the blessings the many gods and angels gave to them.

The Priesthood

Each god has many followers, who have many different forms of worship. The majority of the population follow a set of general rules of life as dictated by the gods they follow, however some go even further, dedicating their whole life to furthering their god’s will. Converting others, or going deeper into their own personal worship.

These people are known by many names, depending on the order they belong to. From priests and priestesses who preach the word and guide the commoners in worship, to monks who retreat into deep study of their god, their deeds, and their scriptures, to clerics, who take to the world to further their god’s word, and many others. Each with their own unique set of worship to their own god.

The Gods of The East

Their Origin: The Titans

In the times before the great tree even sprouted, when the darkness everlasting still reigned supreme; lived the titans. Beings of unique and vast power who tamed the chaos and tore it asunder. The void becoming something under their watch. Each titan ruled over their own infinite stretch of beyond, and consorted with each other only when necessary.

They however found themselves unsatisfied with their own way of being. When the essence of divinity approached them for advice, the Titans saw it as a diversion from their constant battle with the twisting madness of the void. They taught the essence secrets, just enough for them to survive, but nowhere near enough for them to thrive like they did. Once the essence grew strong enough to leave on their own, the titans watched from afar with curiosity, like how a person may watch a bird collect twigs for its nest. However, as the essence became their own beings, the Titans then had their own idea.

They birthed their own gods. Beings of another divinity, to which they taught other secrets, unknown to the divine essence. These gods, while children to the Titans, grew fast in learning of the ways of the universe. When the great battle for the world tree raged, the titans sent forth their children as envoys to the aspects of nature. The wild gods welcomed them the same way they welcomed the divine gods. However, their ideas varied widely between each other.

These gods took their power from worship, just as those of divine essence, however, they were pondering gods of thought and wisdom. Their strength came from within, because they held other secrets the Titans bestowed upon them.

They began to work their way into the different aspects of the worlds they now watch over.

Hei Feng , god of the four winds, his domain over north, east, west, and southern winds make him quite powerful, as his anger is enough to split the earth with cracks of thunder and lightnings

Shen Zhu, Goddess of wisdom and respect, she serves the gods as their advisor and is known as the creator of the tea ceremony

Tsin Tsu , Goddess of rats, treachery, poison, disease, and to a minor extent, death. She stole her divinity by feasting on the body of a god slain in the battle for the world tree.

Amatsukiyo, Goddess of righteousness, nobility, and honor. The daughter of a chief titan, she guides many through her words and courage.

Chi Huan Chi, the celestial emperor. He rules over the celestial kami and the gods of the east, and acts as their chief deity

Guan li, The Drunken God, Guan li was partial to alcohol since his conception. His perpetual drunkenness is said to be a path to enlightenment. He is said to know how to brew the secret tea of immortality

Sun Wukong, Once an ordinary monkey, he was trapped in a prison of stone by a vengeful spirit of the earth for his trickery. Guan li took pity on him, and brought him back to the celestial court, where he partook in the drink of immortality

The Demon Court, evil beings of darkness and chaos who learned secrets of the universe from the lips of dying tortured gods during the battle for the world tree, they became known as the tainted gods of the east, lead by the Black Daimyo, the most powerful of the void-yai oni.

These different gods and their major and minor brothers and sisters make up a pantheon of gods that rose to divinity because of their heritage, and are primarily worshipped in the far east. There is a second major religion there, which is more of an offshoot of this one.

Within this religion however, there are very minor gods known as Kami and yokai, to which are very similar to spirits, in that they can inhabit many different facets of nature, however, they also have their own base form. Many of which are shapeshifters, such as the kitsune or the tanuki.

The priesthood mainly worships either the gods themselves, or seeks to appease the restless godlings, the Kami, and the spiritual beings, the Yokai.

The Path of The Jade Dragon, The Way of The Dragon’s Fist

After the time of battle for the world tree had ended, and the gods had won, the worlds they were placed in charge of seemed bare and empty. It was then, that a goddess, sister to Amatsukiyo decided to give up her divinity to truly interact with the world, and breath life upon this portion of the world that seemed to had gone under the eyes of the other gods. She took the form of a divine creature of the world, a dragon with brilliant green scales, and she rose mountains from the sea, painted forests and valleys, she brought several creations from elsewhere here, and designed her own. However, with the last of her divinity, she brought forth a human known as Chu.

Chu and the Jade Dragon spoke often, they became fast friends, and she spoke to him many secrets of the world, such as how to farm and build and the secret to long life. Together they lived and fell in love. Having two daughters and his youngest, a son. To them, Chu would teach the secrets the Jade dragon had showed them, and to them he would spend more of his time. Eventually, Chu forgot completely of the Jade Dragoness, his people having become many, with him as the first emperor of Xia. The land of the east, as he had come to name it.

The Jade dragoness was heartbroken. The land of her creation, everything she had worked and even given up her divinity for. It had ruined her. She flew east over mountains and rivers and seas, and as she flew, she cried tears of pure jade, which then sunk into the earth, giving the land of Xia its wealth of the green holy stone. She found herself in a cave, where she laid down to cry.

Eventually Chu passed away after his five hundred year reign. He left his empire to his son, Chi, and to his youngest  daughter Fuya, he left the northern steppes, where she took her followers to follow the ways of nature and the way of the hunt. To his oldest child, Naomi, he gave her a choice. She chose to travel eastwards to the islands of the eastern sea, taking the path of the Jade Dragon.

Many years passed as the dragoness cried to herself in a cave near the top of the highest mountains of the world, the crown of heaven. Eventually, a man by the name of Xen Zho, a famed warrior poet and scholar, who was in the mountains in search of beasts of great power to slay to increase his fame and fortune even higher. He had heard her cry, and figured that only a beast of monstrous proportions could make a wail such as that and he climbed to the cave to discover the dragoness covered in her tears of jade. The stone turning her very scales into pure jade as she cried. Xen lifted his blade to slay her, and the dragoness resisted not, and he could not bring himself to do it. Xen then tried to comfort her.

Through his friendship, the dragon’s tears slowed enough. He told her stories of the world beyond, stories that made her proud of what she had done, even if she is no longer involved, all of the success of the land of Xia was because of her teachings and interactions when she first formed the land. She listened intently, then she spoke herself some stories, and wisdoms to help her new friend Xen. She taught him skills that as a warrior, he should find useful. A martial art known as the Dragon’s Fist, and Xen became the first true master of it.

He wrote her many wisdoms down into many volumes known as The Dragon’s Scrolls. Through these, he decided he would teach her word of wisdom, instead of seek money and fame like he had done before. Three times he ascended the mountain and returned with more secrets and wisdoms, until one day, he returned. The dragoness had only one last secret for him. With this final wisdom, he gave up his material possessions and embraced asceticism. He then retreated to his own cave in meditation. Xen sat in one position for thirty three years. He sat so long, staring into the corner of the cave that his eyes burned holes into the solid stone. He had contemplated the secret for so long, that a tree grew around him within the cave. Suddenly, he understood. He had become enlightened. He went to thank the dragoness one last time, and then he built the first temple to the jade dragon. Teaching the way of the Dragon’s Fist to those that would join his way of simplicity and wisdom, while teaching the commoners the way of the many teachings of the dragoness.

Primalism: The way of madness and chaos

Deep in ancient times, before the gods, before divinity, the aspects of nature, or even the titans, and the world tree, existed a single force.


Within this void, if that is how you could describe it, swarmed monsters of indescribable powers and forms. These old ones live in the space between stars. The darkness where no light touches, and reach out with swirling tentacles and grasping claws to clutch at any warmth they can, and snuff it out. It is they to which all of creation fears.

The titans rose to defeat it, claiming vast infinities from the darkness’ grasp, however this barely scratches the surface. It was only after the assault on the world tree that could light finally stake a real claim on portions of the multiverse.

The great old ones and outer gods are otherworldly entities from beyond time of almost unimaginable power-beings completely alien to creation, both physiologically and spiritually. They exist in forgotten corners of distant worlds, and lost dimensions, yet their power is so great they can influence certain sensitive mortal minds in their dreams and nightmares. Even if such influence is as accidental as a star’s gravitational pull on a tine mote of dust adrift in space. In such ways, cults devoted to the great old ones can rise on worlds throughout the material plane, or other planes of existence, even without prior contact between these worlds.

While not all of the great old ones or outer gods are evil, all are forces of great chaos. Their cults are almost always evil and cause harm and madness on the worlds they appear on, but the great old ones are generally content to ignore lesser life such as humans, elves, kobolds, and their ilk. Yet when their attention is garnered, the results can be catastrophic on an immense scale- for just as an ant who bites someone’s toe invites swift destruction on a scale its feeble mind can’t envision, so too does humanity invite unimaginable ruin by delving into the affairs of these powerful creatures.

The Orcs

Orcs were only one of the many creatures of the multiverse to become affected by the great old ones and the outer gods during the battle of the world tree. It was through their eldritch powers and madness inducing nightmares, did a particular orc elder become influenced by the madness of an outer god.

As if completely by accident, an orc elder awoke to his own madness, in his hysterics he realised his dream revealed to him a dark, dark secret of the universe, that no mortal mind was ever meant to know. A passing thought through the mind of the great old one that induced the dream, a waking nightmare for the orc who had dreamt it.

He prayed and prayed, focusing all of his will, his entire being to the darkness of the eldritch being, and once another dream had appeared to him, he began to gather followers to his madness. The secrets slowly being revealed to him led this orc to the path of the original darkness. A madness magic of chaos. He became not only a cultist, but also a witchdoctor, who warped the minds of orcs into following his twisted, blasphemous doctrine of doom and death. The will of the old one becoming his word.

Soon, he had managed to infect the minds of the orc leadership. Chieftans from all over rallying under the cause of their new god. Abandoning their traditional orcish faith in favor of the twisted power granted by their dark overlord that did not even know they existed.

They knew their place, and it was to serve their master, and destroy reality as best they could. Including untethering their homeworld from the safety of the world tree. The orcs that escaped the mindchanging chaos were strangers to whatever reality they found themselves in. They raced to warn everyone and everything about the oncoming madness or the orcish army. To the places they could not warn in time, doom was swift to follow, and the orcs would either crush the inhabitants, or warp their minds as well. Many minotaurs were warped by this power, and just as things seemed unimaginably bleak for the rest of mortality, through the combined effort of the other beings, the orcs were subdued. A crushing defeat that resulted in both the destruction of their main force, and the erasing of the eldritch magicks holding sway over the orcish minds.

Modern day orc religion however, has mostly returned to the way it was before the madness. They worship three titans.

Kor , The primal titan, a titan chieftan who’s power is reminiscent of the earth, fire, and steel. Kor brings honor to those who are the strongest and mightiest

Mor, The bringer of fortune, A titan who’s power is reminiscent of water, air, and life

Lor, The Knower of things, a titan based on wisdom and secrets.

Beyond these, they have a certain kind of animism and voodooism based on the belief of juju and curses. It is through the elements that orcs worship.

Titans of Note

Although many titans don’t even bother with the realities of mortals, there are a few who’s powers and domains influence them in some way. For example, it is the titan Kirstheth that is the titan of death, he however passed his domain to his son. The god Zhun, who perished in the battle of the world tree. Kirstheth pleaded with the titan Mor to bring Zhun back from the dead, to which Mor accepted, however, since Zhun was the god with the domain of death, and he was not alive, Mor could only partially bring Zhun back. In this cursed state, Zhun became one of the patron gods of undead beings, through his eternal suffering and weakness, he lives for his eventual death. Kirstheth however obtained the domain of victory from Kor in a competition.

Another Titan of note is Chronos, the ruler of time. However, he had vanished in the moments after the end of the battle of the world tree, leading many to believe he had perished of some unknown reason, as the titans did not fight in that battle. Leaving his sands of time adrift in his domain. It is for those sands, that time continues forwards the way it does.

Dwarven Religion

The Dwarves believe that each thing that has been handcrafted has a spirit in it. Great statues house spirits of importance, but even the smallest of things houses a holy spirit. Dwarves are great craftsmen and believe in building things to last, rather than having anything be expendable. Each statue, tool, chair and building houses a spirit. Dwarves are very protective of their belongings, and most families have thousands of heirlooms.

Dwarves worship Fjorn, also known as Hephaestus or Vulcan, the god of blacksmiths and mining. Legend has it the Fjorn once shaped dwarves out of clay in his forge, and breathed a spark of life into them. This is the reason that they recognize Fjorn as the Allfather, and each and every dwarves forge has carved into the stone ‘We are forged by the forge’, meaning both that a life working by a forge develops ourselves and that Fjorn forged the Dwarven Race.

Forgotten Religions

Many cultures and races have gone under changes or completely extinct. Each with their own curious culture and religion, it is through these we are aware that more gods exist, influencing us, but we can’t ever be sure about how so, until their religion is studied or they gain more followers.


Azrivos is the creator of the universe. He gave life to animals and formed the races from his hand. He is the eternal guardian and protector of the world. He resides in the heavens, in Verabarune palace, the center of the Celestial City. He made all the worlds, and the borders between them. He is the only one who can pass through the borders. He is all-powerful and all-knowing, a figure of extreme importance. The religion was first adopted by the humans.

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