website rules:
1. Do not insult, threaten, harass, or flame other users. this includes racism sexism homophobic behavior and general bigotry
2. Be respectful to all of our members.
3. Do not post links to illegal, dangerous, or pornographic websites.
4. Please refrain from excessive cursing.
5. Do not spam the chat.
6. Use common sense. If you are unsure if something is allowed or not ask the staff before doing it.
7. Only write/speak in English.

Server rules:
General Rules

1.  No Griefing - Do not break blocks that are not your own. Unless it fits the roleplay situation.
2. No  excessive clearing out land - E.g. No ruining desert biomes Keep them looking natural.
3.  We are an English speaking server - We ask you to only speak English.
4.  No gameplay altering mods - This includes X-ray, flying, night vision ect.
5.  No account sharing - You are responsible for your own account.
6.  No racism - Character race racism however is allowed. 
7.  No disrespecting - Once noted, continuation will result in punishment.
8. N o stealing unless it's RP recognized and staff is present
9.  Use common sense - If you think something may get you in trouble, it probably will. So don't do it or ask a member of the staff about it first!
10.  No real life symbols or flags.
11.  You must never tower over a wall by placing blocks - This is a serious offence.
12. Do not lock doors that are not your own.
13. No excessive cursing in OOC

Roleplay Rules

1.  Stay in character at all times - Deal with all scenarios in RP.
2.   GM will not explain what you should do - You must roleplay to find solutions.
3.  No powergaming under any circumstance - Powergaming is overcoming every challenge your character is presented with. Every character must have clear flaws to be considered balanced. You can be defeated. You can be scared. You will not be a master of all trades.
4.  No metagaming under any circumstance - Metagaming is defined by sharing your personal knowledge with your character, for your benefit. You are not all knowing. Even wise men can get things wrong.  This includes information gotten in ooc!
5.  Your home must suit the character - A warrior would not possess a wheat farm and a cow pasture.. This falls under power gaming.
6.  You do not just become an important person - Your character is no more important than anyone else to start with. You must earn respect and titles over time. However you can apply for a character of lore importance.
7.  Choose your professions wisely - You cannot be the master of all professions. Choose carefully. Death Rules

1. Do not attempt killing another character without a RP reason.
2. No Constant avoiding death, know when it's your character's time to go.
3. Do not complain about your character's death in OOC, the forum or discord. If you feel it was unfair write to a staff member. GM or Moderator.
4. You cannot come back as any kind of undead character unless specifically accepted and arranged with a GM or Admin

Skin Rules

1.  Find and use a skin fitting to your character.
2.  I f your skin has armor it doesn't provide any effect or use

Building Rules

1.  Contact a GM if you wish to create a new settlement or structures outside of towns in general. note that it might not be accepted.
2.  No ugly structures - Your builds must have style. If you cannot build well, then live in pre-built homes.
3.  No flying trees.
4.  Multiple homes is seen as power gaming - Sell off homes you are not using. Contact a GM for more information

PvP Rules

1.  No PVP outside of roleplay - unless both parties agree to.
2.   PvP without fairly warning your opponent is against the rules. - Usually done by saying something like                   *draws sword* or *aims bow a..* If this is not done by both then PVP may not start.
3.  Once a fight has been initiated do not just spam click unless you both give consent first. Roleplay out your fights.
4. I f you are beaten in a pvp battle, both parties need to agree to RP death. Otherwise you are knocked out and both parties can decide if you don't have recollection of events leading up to your Doom . This doesn't include wars.
5.  Never break blocks to get to a player unless you roleplay breaking though the blocks giving enough time for the other player to respond.
6.  No spawn/repeat killing - We are a roleplay server, so if a player dies they must not rejoin the battle.
7.  No teleporting from PVP, This also includes disconnecting - You must flee on foot.
8.  You must have suitable motive to attack the player - A battle must be provoked. Random acts of violence are terrible for roleplay.

War/Raid Rules:

1. A battle or raid must be posted on the appropriate section on the forums ( "Battle  and Raid announcements" )  at least 4  days before the event takes place. 
And Must be approved by a Staff member. 
2. A battle or raid must have a clear target/goal and time and date (in London gmt +0 time) also stated in the forum post. 
3. Being killed in a battle or raid event is not a character death, unless the dying player chose it or the goal of the fight was to kill the character. If this is not the case the player is knocked out or wounded.
4. A battle or raid will not be RP'ed as a normal fight. instead it will use minecrafts normal pvp mechanics.
5. Only armed people are participating in the fighting. Do not kill civilians out of rp.
6. A city or settlement cannot be attacked for 7 days after a raid or battle. Unless permission is given by Staff a member.

Please note that there are certain criteria that will have to be fulfilled, for a raid or battle to be approved. For instance x number of people will have join on each side.